Are Women Better Parents than Men?


tumblr_inline_n949p8x11D1skulu6In this era where equality is a fundamental factor in our lives, people believe that women are as good as men in taking care of the children while others argue that men are the best. However, in my opinion women play a greater role in caring for their children than men do. The role of the women in their children’s lives is irreplaceable. There are many reasons why women are the best parents.

Women have greater chances of creating contact with the child. Since birth, the child spends most of the time with the mother. In our society, the role of men is to provide for the family, while the role of women is to take care of the children. This role of men deprives them the chance to spend time with their children. Mothers spend the better part of their day at home washing clothes, feeding, and bathing the baby. It is rare to find men performing such roles (Pruett, 2000).

Mothers prove to be better parents due to their better communication skills with the children and their less aggressive nature. Women know how to soothe their kids. They know how to communicate with them gently unlike men who are more aggressive (Pruett, 2000). It is hard for women to be violent as opposed to men who are violent most of the time. The gentle nature of women makes it easier for their children to talk to them. In most cases, children fear their fathers, and whenever they want something, they have to go through their mothers. The parents act as messengers in airing their children issues to the fathers.

Their familiarization with the act of child caring makes them better. Parents teach their girls how to take care of young ones from childhood, unlike men whose concentration is on technical jobs and roles that are more competitive. Therefore, girls grow to be better parents compared to men (Lytton & Romney, 1991).

In conclusion, both male and female parents have a role in a child’s life (Pruett, 2000). However, based on the reasons discussed above, women are the best parents.

Factors Related to Academic Success in High-School


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Academic success is the achievement of one’s educational work. It takes dedication and hard work for any person to accomplish their academic success and dreams. The most important factor that determines a student success is the educational preparation of the coursework. This paper talks about the factors that determine the success of students in high school.

The determining factors in education include student’s motivation engagement, sense of self –efficacy, and family background. However, the above factors are directly related to the academic success of a high school student. Furthermore, students who can manage their learning need to be self-motivated, engaged, and disciplined. According to the recent ACT (2008) report, the strongest predictor of academic success, aside from prior academic excellence is the academic discipline. Motivation is not intrinsic. Research shows that a student can be motivated and engaged through environments that are intellectually challenging and supportive. And it gives students choice and autonomy in their learning (ACT, 2008).

Traits such as self-efficacy and self-concept are the most perceived. These characters are developed through a student “mastery experiences”. When a student masters a topic or skill, this enhances their self-efficacy. Another method of influencing self-efficacy beliefs is modeling, and it is effective when teachers or mentors model excellence for students and pupils see their potential reflected back to them. Families also play a significant role. As a matter of fact, students who come from families that learning was of high value have better encouraged working harder. They do everything in their position to make children concentrate on the learning process that eventually lead to academic success in high school (Breakthrough Collaborative, 2009).

In conclusion, just as intelligence cannot be fixed, neither is a student’s belief in own capabilities. It should be a goal of programs developed by a students’ academic self-concept, motivation, academic discipline sense of efficacy, and family background that support academic success. These factors influence academic achievement, and may help explain why prior academic success, by itself, is not always the best predictor of academic achievement.

The benefits of Internet Censorship



‘Internet Censorship is the supervision or suppression of the information viewed or published over the internet. The practice is conducted by the private and government organizations for the regulator’s, government or their initiative’s behest. It enhances control and protection of internet information from being deleted or being interfered with, thus improving security and confidentiality, as well as filtering of the internet content through legal actions.

The major aim of internet censorship is to take control of what can be accessed on the internet. The practice has a number of benefits to the particular nation (Burnett, & Feamster, 2013).

It assists in preservation of the national security. This is because the government or the involved body ensures that the entire information is accounted to a party, thus monitoring the conducts and preventing people from plan things that might interfere with the national security.

It also protects people or viewers from the content that is deemed to be inappropriate. This is where sites like pornography are controlled to prevent people from accessing them or viewing it. This enhances improvement of morals and societal norms where people are ensured to consider good acts.

There is reduction of online scams. Excess usage of internet might lead to much of cyber threats or online scams, thus, internet censorship enables control of the transactions conducted over the internet (Xu, Mao, & Halderman, 2011).

The practice helps in promotion of the copyright protection especially the content, such as movies and music. This helps the artists to grow in their activities and to continue with their innovations and creativity.

It enhances guidance against the spamming a large problem in the computing society, which leads to crashing and destruction of many computers and programs (Guo, & Feng, 2012). The practice also assists in addressing of the online bullying and hate crimes conducted by people to others.

Young drivers

The Best Way To Reduce The Number Of Traffic Accidents Is To Make All Young Drivers Complete A Safe Driving Education Course Before Being Licensed To Drive. What Do You Think?


Currently, many of the accidents happen due to substantial speed and violation of traffic rules. Additionally, traffic accidents are becoming a threat to many nations. Several governments are requiring that young drivers should be qualified before issuing them with a driving license (McGuane, 2010). For various reasons, the essay will totally agree that all fresh drivers should attend a driving course as a way of reducing traffic jams and accidents.

First of all, young drivers are not following traffic rules and drives at high speeds. Drinking and driving is a common aspect that drivers are warned to avoid when driving. Drinking and driving are commonly linked to teenagers and young drivers, and it has caused numerous accidents (Van, 2006). Currently, many young drivers have not understood traffic rules, and they lack patience. Attaining driving experience is a way of helping alienate accidents.

Secondly, Young drivers should undertake a driving course to reduce jams. Many of the traffic jams are caused by young drivers with less experience. These drivers flaunt traffic rules leading to traffic snarl-ups. These drivers ought to understand and know the traffic rules as a way of helping curb traffic jams (McGuane, 2010).

Thirdly, the statistics and experiments conducted indicate that many of the accidents occurring are caused by inexperienced drivers, the infringement of traffic rules, and reckless driving. With appropriate education, young drivers could be changed to cautious drivers that will help retain sanity in our roads and also drive safely (Van, 2006). Proper training will ensure that they reduce the rates of accidents occurrence.

In conclusion, attaining an appropriate education in any field is significant. Young drivers should ensure that they achieve the complete driving experience to help reduce accidents. The government should also put laws that restrict inexperienced drivers from driving and heavy penalties applied to those bending that law.

Zoos Cruelty to Wild Animals

People visit zoos for recreational purposes. Despite the fact that the zoos are of benefit to human beings, it is true that the conditions that make them attractive to people are cruel to the animals themselves. Zoos deprive animals the sole opportunity of living in free environment, besides not getting sufficient care and attention.opinons-zoo-2

According to Hanson (2004), wild animals should coexist freely in a natural habitat. This is because Mother Nature will always care for them, and the free environment makes them lead a happy life. However, confining the fauna to a restricted area makes them live like machines programmed to perform some duties at specific times. For instance, when there are visitors in the zoo, the animals have no option but to cope with the pressure of being in an environment with diverse human beings just to entertain them. On the other hand, zoo managers do not ensure that the animals live in conditions that are pretty much the same like those in natural habitats (Laidlaw, 2008). They do not get sufficient care and attention, because the aim of the zoo managers is to get money out of people who come to watch the animals. They are also restricted to feeding on foods that they may not even desire were they in a free environment. Besides, it is common for animals to get seek. However, at times their masters may not be so keen to notice this, putting them in grave danger.

In conclusion, although the zoos are good enough to prevent animals from extinction, they do no provide the best conditions for animals inhabiting them. This is because the environment that they live in has some restrictions that hinder them from enjoying themselves naturally. This makes them to lead automated lives, because everything that happens in the zoos is scheduled to meet time and financial constraints for the sake of the many visitors streaming to see view the animals each day.

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