About Us

Rpghearth.com is a blog about guidelines for writing essays. We aim at growing generation of students who calmly cope with their essays, theses and dissertations. Our readers will receive our specially selected and formatted academic articles with findings of our experts who have been working in this industry for more than 10 years.

The Story of Success

Our blog is a local studio where the prolific group of enthusiast helped others deal mainly with the thesis. Time passed and we began to invite experts from other universities, cities and even countries, to cope with these types of educational tasks like essays, dissertations, term papers, etc. Our goals have grown rapidly, and therefore, we need more and more competent writers in our team.

Today our blog is one of the most trustworthy in the field of custom writing. Thousands of students from all over the English-speaking world are turning to us for help. We help everyone and leave no one behind.

As we have been able to develop from an unknown studio to one of the leading enterprises, as you can develop from the “average” student pilot farewell.


Our team of professional writers

Overall, there are about 30 writers and editors on our team. A large number of them are working here from the very first day. Our writing panel are competent enough to cope with any challenge, any job, any topic and any period of time and in tip-top shape. With such a wealth of experience, our experts know how to write everything from an essay or report a serious dissertation, which takes the total student months to complete.

Every writer who wants to work is undergoing a series of tests to write for us. At least 90% of correct answers required. This is followed by a practical part where the applicant must hold an essay on the proposed theme and thesis format. And finally, the third stage involves an interview, which examines conversational skills. Make sure you are in good hands!

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