The benefits of Internet Censorship



‘Internet Censorship is the supervision or suppression of the information viewed or published over the internet. The practice is conducted by the private and government organizations for the regulator’s, government or their initiative’s behest. It enhances control and protection of internet information from being deleted or being interfered with, thus improving security and confidentiality, as well as filtering of the internet content through legal actions.

The major aim of internet censorship is to take control of what can be accessed on the internet. The practice has a number of benefits to the particular nation (Burnett, & Feamster, 2013).

It assists in preservation of the national security. This is because the government or the involved body ensures that the entire information is accounted to a party, thus monitoring the conducts and preventing people from plan things that might interfere with the national security.

It also protects people or viewers from the content that is deemed to be inappropriate. This is where sites like pornography are controlled to prevent people from accessing them or viewing it. This enhances improvement of morals and societal norms where people are ensured to consider good acts.

There is reduction of online scams. Excess usage of internet might lead to much of cyber threats or online scams, thus, internet censorship enables control of the transactions conducted over the internet (Xu, Mao, & Halderman, 2011).

The practice helps in promotion of the copyright protection especially the content, such as movies and music. This helps the artists to grow in their activities and to continue with their innovations and creativity.

It enhances guidance against the spamming a large problem in the computing society, which leads to crashing and destruction of many computers and programs (Guo, & Feng, 2012). The practice also assists in addressing of the online bullying and hate crimes conducted by people to others.

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