Why Violent Video Games is not a cause of Aggression

According to (Lachlan, 2005), the difficulty of a video game and not its content is what makes to feel aggressive. Video games are a new phenomenon in this modern society. Most video games players become violent when the game has started and after twenty or so minutes they are unable to follow the rules and controls of the match (Meyers, 2011). My primary interest in this paper, therefore, is to discuss why violent video games do not cause aggression.


Video games are often entertaining, but due to advanced technology and computing, their contents have become more disturbing and violent. This action has in turn led to an increase in controversy (Tamborini, 2004). Guardians, parent and some experts feel that video games sales need to be regulated by the government as some of these games are just too violent (Lachlan, 2005). In my opinion, I strongly support that video games do not make adolescents aggressive. Therefore, government intervention and control is as a result of exaggerated effects of video games. To me, such forceful plan is pointless. Video games have several positive components and impacts besides the violent contents. Video games can increase competencies of children to a certain level that they able to master certain abilities that make it easier for them to overcome obstacles. A perfect example for this is, “Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six”. This video series illustrates the need for teamwork throughout its scenes involving terror squad. The options in these video games ignite logical thinking, innovativeness and strategy formulations that lack the formal education (Meyers, 2011).

To recap, I would like to reiterate that video games do not cause aggression; instead they widen mental capacity of our children.

2 thoughts on “Why Violent Video Games is not a cause of Aggression”

  1. I don’t think that it cause aggression, but nowadays children spend a great part of time playing computer games that prevent widen mental capacity of our children.

    1. Laura, I saw how computer games influence on children! They play shooters, fighting games with filthy language, then try to use it in real life. It is very and very sad. Parents need to look after their children, and learn how to be a good person.

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