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The Best Way To Reduce The Number Of Traffic Accidents Is To Make All Young Drivers Complete A Safe Driving Education Course Before Being Licensed To Drive. What Do You Think?


Currently, many of the accidents happen due to substantial speed and violation of traffic rules. Additionally, traffic accidents are becoming a threat to many nations. Several governments are requiring that young drivers should be qualified before issuing them with a driving license (McGuane, 2010). For various reasons, the essay will totally agree that all fresh drivers should attend a driving course as a way of reducing traffic jams and accidents.

First of all, young drivers are not following traffic rules and drives at high speeds. Drinking and driving is a common aspect that drivers are warned to avoid when driving. Drinking and driving are commonly linked to teenagers and young drivers, and it has caused numerous accidents (Van, 2006). Currently, many young drivers have not understood traffic rules, and they lack patience. Attaining driving experience is a way of helping alienate accidents.

Secondly, Young drivers should undertake a driving course to reduce jams. Many of the traffic jams are caused by young drivers with less experience. These drivers flaunt traffic rules leading to traffic snarl-ups. These drivers ought to understand and know the traffic rules as a way of helping curb traffic jams (McGuane, 2010).

Thirdly, the statistics and experiments conducted indicate that many of the accidents occurring are caused by inexperienced drivers, the infringement of traffic rules, and reckless driving. With appropriate education, young drivers could be changed to cautious drivers that will help retain sanity in our roads and also drive safely (Van, 2006). Proper training will ensure that they reduce the rates of accidents occurrence.

In conclusion, attaining an appropriate education in any field is significant. Young drivers should ensure that they achieve the complete driving experience to help reduce accidents. The government should also put laws that restrict inexperienced drivers from driving and heavy penalties applied to those bending that law.

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