Zoos Cruelty to Wild Animals

People visit zoos for recreational purposes. Despite the fact that the zoos are of benefit to human beings, it is true that the conditions that make them attractive to people are cruel to the animals themselves. Zoos deprive animals the sole opportunity of living in free environment, besides not getting sufficient care and attention.opinons-zoo-2

According to Hanson (2004), wild animals should coexist freely in a natural habitat. This is because Mother Nature will always care for them, and the free environment makes them lead a happy life. However, confining the fauna to a restricted area makes them live like machines programmed to perform some duties at specific times. For instance, when there are visitors in the zoo, the animals have no option but to cope with the pressure of being in an environment with diverse human beings just to entertain them. On the other hand, zoo managers do not ensure that the animals live in conditions that are pretty much the same like those in natural habitats (Laidlaw, 2008). They do not get sufficient care and attention, because the aim of the zoo managers is to get money out of people who come to watch the animals. They are also restricted to feeding on foods that they may not even desire were they in a free environment. Besides, it is common for animals to get seek. However, at times their masters may not be so keen to notice this, putting them in grave danger.

In conclusion, although the zoos are good enough to prevent animals from extinction, they do no provide the best conditions for animals inhabiting them. This is because the environment that they live in has some restrictions that hinder them from enjoying themselves naturally. This makes them to lead automated lives, because everything that happens in the zoos is scheduled to meet time and financial constraints for the sake of the many visitors streaming to see view the animals each day.

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  1. Thanks for this article. In my opinion, animals should exist freely in a natural habitat but on the other hand, zoos prevent animals from extinction.
    Zoos provide the best conditions for animals, but not all zoos do it(

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